Wednesday, January 26, 2011


First computers class ever? First blog post ever? Walk/Ride/Bike assignment? Ok... here it goes!

The main intention of my journey was to stumble upon some part of center city I have yet to go to, which isn't that hard seeing how I haven't been to many places there, nor am I from Philadelphia. Side objectives that developed ,somewhere between here and there, included stoping by Macy's to search for a comforter with my roommate and ditching the cold weather for a starbucks. Other things came up along the way, but we'll get to that soon.

I should start by saying I had two trustful companions on this outing to center city. My roommate and good friend Tony Lattanzi, and my adorably annoying girlfriend Clara Reyes. We started this trip at my residence at Temple, James White Hall, and headed southbound on the orange line to city hall. It was terribly cold outside, and equally colder on the train platform as Tony, Clara, and I talked about random, nonesensical as we usually do. I can remember my pinky finger on my right hand starting to bleed due to a mixture of freezing cold and the paper cuts I endured at Blick the day before. Dangerous place, Blick can be, especially when shopping for paper. Eventually, right before the train came reached the platform of Susquehana, a fellow resdient-mate of mine happened to run into. Tsolomon was accompanied by Lydia, another resident of White Hall who I don't particularly care for, and they were on there way to center city as well.

Unlike New York city transit, the train ride was pretty uneventful. Tony had brought his notebook on the expedition to study, Clara was concerned with me being concerned about the McDonald's Oatmeal advertisements. Tony studies way too much. He probably studies more than anyone I've ever known. Also, regarding McDonald's Oatmeal, its incredible. Its chocked full of cranberries, apples, raisins, and fake, hight fructose mapple flavoring. Its quite delicious, and I'm completely serious.

Upon gettting off the train, having Tony push my around on the giant turnstyle, and having Clara take a "kabillion" bad pictures of the whole event (kabillion being her favorite number), we were finally at city hall. After walking the perimeter of the city hall building, and running into a very heavily accented christian man preaching to one through a megaphone, we make it to Macy's.

I have been to Macy's in the past. I have been to several Macy's, in several different states. My mother used to work at Macy's, and her current job of the last decade is right across the street from Macy's. Macy herself is my second cousin (is there really a woman named Macy?). I know Macy's. I the Macy's I frequent back in Manhattan, on 34th street and 7th Avenue is a some magnificent structure, but this Macy's next to city hall was grand. Completely different feel with all its stolen greek and roman architecture supporting its various sales of the day. Its quite litterally a cathedral of consumerism if you note the organ high in the 3rd floor, and huge eagle sculpture. I also happened to see Gerard Brown, our very own 2D and Foundations Chairperson. No trip to center city over 2 hours is complete without running into Gerard. None.

Tony searches the store for comforters, which are all extremely high priced if you aren't buying a full set of sheets. Clara finds the creepiest farm of unicorn pillow pets, which I despise with a passion, and then sneaks off to look at various, overpriced lingerie items. I pretend I'm Ironman, due to boredom, and pretend fly around Macy's' 3rd, pretend blasting everything in my path. Tony eventually finds a cover within his price range ending the whole cherade and we eventually leave.

After browsing different Footlocker's and passing through comparable dollar stores we eventually make it to the Gallery undergound shopping center. Here, Tony enjoys a starbucks hot chocolate while studying, Clara looks gorgeous while playing one of the many numerous games she has on her humongous Droid phone, and I the artist am privledged enough to sketch the whole seen for an hour or two over some small talk. Its finally been a long, cold day of walking up and down center city's market street looking for something to do. We all decide to head back and call quits after some minor, yet influential exploring. The end.